Project Sanaa is Induz’s new initiative to spread awareness of infant and maternal mortality rates in the Siaya County of Kenya, Africa. It records high infant and maternal mortality. Under 5 years old, the infant mortality is 74 per 1,000 live births and maternal mortality rate is 488 per 100,000 live births (Kenya Demographic & Health Survey Report, 2008-2009). These are mortality rates can be due to  the unskilled delivery where women deliver.


This is a 6-month pilot program that will raise scholarship funds for needy students at the local nursing school and to create awareness of these high mortality rates through music and art. Twenty-five children from the SEED Academy will be able to learn artistic creations that depict locations and conditions where they were born, their siblings or friends were born.


Founder of Matibabu Foundation, Dan Ogola, explains to us about the relationship between birthplace and names,


“My last name is Ogola for a child born on a veranda; child born on the road/path “yoo” is called Ayoo for baby girl and Oyoo for baby boy; child born when mother on mud “chuodho” is called Ochuodho (boy) and Achuodho(girl); child born when mother is cleaning cowpen “duol” is Oduol (boy) and Aduol (girl); child born when the mother was at the point of fetching the water “kulo” is Okulo and Akulo respectively. And the list continues!”


The goal of Project Sanaa is to use creative art to bring awareness and to champion Dan’s advocacy work on promoting healthy delivery at medical facilities to reduce infant and maternal mortality.


Project Sanaa will be launched in the summer of 2014.


We can’t wait!

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