I was part of the joint effort to deliver medicine and supplies to the villages that were most influenced by the earthquake in Nepal from May to July. I worked alongside my father, Subodh Upadhyay in this process.

In Kathmandu, I experienced firsthand, the violent earthquakes and its subsequent aftershocks. Having being born in Nepal and growing up there throughout my childhood, I was devastated to witness the sequence of destruction that unfolded. At that moment, I took the initiative to help the ones that were most affected by the earthquake. Knowing that there were not enough resources and supplies reaching the people that required it the most, I contacted various teams of doctors and general volunteers working on ground. From them, I compiled and organized a detailed list of specific supplies necessary to help the ones struggling to survive. With my father, I was able to connect with Ray Mitra and the INDUZ organization, who sent influential supplies, according to the supply list I provided. I also coordinated with a team that delivered these supplies to critical areas in Nepal and also directly aided the injured (led by Dr. SanjivanMahara). In a successful joint effort, we ultimately had over 1000 tents, survival necessities, and 3000 pounds of medicine reach the most affected villages, where no other international relief had reached.

Once again, I would like to thank everyone that pitched in, and supported a whole nation during the series of catastrophic earthquakes. The role the INDUZ organization played in this effort truly stands out among other relief work. Their dedication, initiative and commitment to carry out such an intricate and successful relief effort have definitely touched thousands of lives, including mine.


In Kathmandu, where we received one of the first boxes of supplies.





To find out more about this relief effort please view the follow link:https://www.facebook.com/events/769145386517320/


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