Passport to World Arts™ takes children through a virtual journey around the world, across various countries with a passport in hand. As part of this amazing journey, they travel to many destinations. Egypt, where they learn to decipher hieroglyphics; Europe and Italy to learn about stained-glass paintings; Explore Africa and create African masks; Visit the land of dragons, China and many more countries.  Celebrating each region’s art and culture thus promoting global learning, acceptance and appreciation of diverse cultures, and nurturing their creativity.

Background: Art and culture programs are disappearing from schools, and after-school programs are at risk due to lack of government funds. Passport to World Arts program attempts to address the lack of access to art and global learning education for underprivileged children in bay area public schools, libraries and institutions like YMCA, Playworks, San Jose Public Libraries etc. It was launched in March 2011 as a supplemental, after-school art education program to underprivileged children in low-income school districts in the Silicon Valley area. The curriculum includes exposure to meaningful art forms from various global regions around the world with different cultures. The program has expanded to be included as part of summer program, regular school curriculum and for youth leadership development.

A glimpse into the Passport to World Arts curriculum


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2011 Passport to the World Program

2012 Passport to the World Program

2013 Passport to the World Program

2014 Passport to the World Program

Program curriculum includes exposure to meaningful art forms from various cultures and regions around the world. Students are encouraged to bring their own originality and imagination into each project and are given the opportunity to showcase their talents at the end of the school year at dance shows and art exhibits put on by local renowned art galleries and museums, such as the Museum of Children’s Art (MOCHA) in Oakland, California and the San Francisco Airport Museum.

Goals for the Passport to World Arts Program are as follows:

  • Provide supplemental Global Learning  & Arts education to elementary schools children low-income schools,and organizations where there is little or no funding for art education
  • Use art as a medium to provide children with a fun creative environment for expression
  • Improve creativity, self-confidence, scholastic performance, cultural appreciation, and the overall personal lives of children
  • Create a better world through art, helping children across the world, one community at a time.

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