Project Kopou: Empowering children & youth of tea plantation workers of Assam, India through Arts, Education & Vocational Training

An Induz initiative in the north-eastern city of Dibrugarh, Assam, India launched in August 2016. Conceived and executed by the Induz youth wing, MorphUp, the project serves children and youth to get comprehensive benefits from arts, music, dance, vocational training and educational programs. The initiative was conceived to primarily benefit children and youth of tea garden plantation workers and other local children from lower-socio economic background

There are plans to expand to computer and other vocational training programs. 120 kids have already enrolled from nearby tea gardens and are taking advantage of the free classes offered twice a week.

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August 19, 2016


“The ties to ones roots compel one to nourish the roots”. Such is the story of an individual, Ray Mitra, who was raised in Dibrugarh, and now a resident of USA for 20 years, and the founder of an NGO.

Raichand, know as Ray in the US spent his early years from Nursery to Class 8 in Dibrugarh and studied in Don Bosco school. He is now in a management position at Software Company in California. His passions for making a difference in the community led him to establish an NGO, Induz in 2004. Induz – Where Art Meets Heart™, has been working over the last decade to address the gap that exists in our education system in providing holistic education for our children across the globe. The mission of Induz is to empower children to be creative and innovative through the arts, education and vocational training.

Coincidently Ray’s father in law, Retired Indian Army Colonel, Piyush Ghosh, has settled in Dibrugarh after his retirement. His passion for improving the lives of the children of tea garden workers coupled with Ray’s passion led them to start ideating on what they could do to give back to the community in Dibrugarh.

The 100% volunteer run organization has been providing arts enrichment educational programs to low-income schools across San Francisco bay area. It has its global programs running in India, Nepal and Africa. The program has made a significant impact over the years and received several recognitions from the California State Senate, US President and other organizations.

The year 2016 was a remarkable year where Induz expanded its program to Dibrugarh. Induz’s youth wing, MorphUp, led by Ray’s older daughter, Rhea Mitra, drove the execution of the program in Dibrugarh.

The initiative was conceived to primarily benefit children of the tea plantation workers, but is also open to considering other underprivileged children. The program launched in early August and offers free arts, music, dance, reading, math, science, tailoring and sewing classes. There are plans to expand to computer and other vocational training programs. 120 kids enrolled from nearby tea gardens and took advantage of the free classes offered twice weekly. We have already observed a keen interest among others to join the program.

The first day of the Induz sponsored child and youth welfare program was held at Murlidhar Jalan Foundation vocational center building in Jalan Nagar, Dibrugarh.

Children in the age group of 8 to 14 year age group registered for the program and attended classes in Drawing and Singing with qualified and experienced tutors. These kids are mostly from nearby tea gardens. Induz has provided not only for free education for underprivileged children, but it also enabled employment of teachers.

An art competition was held on 15th August where more than 50 children participated, top 3 prizes in 2 different age categories were awarded prizes.

A dinner event was held on 19th August to officially launch the program, which was attended by over 150 guests. It included a wonderful performance of dance and music was by the children as well as speeches by the founders and the team.