Goal: Creative Art & Craft to create awareness on infant and maternal mortality.

Partnership with Matibabu Foundation/ (http://www.matibabukenya.org) Dan Ogola in the rural community in western Kenya, to reduce mortality of children through creative arts and music.

The 6 month pilot project will raise scholarship funds for needy students at the local Nursing School and also create awareness on infant and maternal mortality using creative art and music.


The Induz Project Sanaa will provide an Arts /Music program where children will be trained to make artistic creations that depict locations and conditions where they were born or where their siblings or friends were born.

Induz will also support a music and dance program that leverages local music and musical instruments.

Location: Induz Center of Excellence at SEED Junior Academy at the Smart Center. See attached image

Students: 25 Children from grades 1-3 at the SEED Academy


The region, Siaya county, records high infant and maternal mortality (under 5 mortality is 74 per 1000 live births; maternal mortality is 488 per 100,000 live births. Source: 2008/9 Kenya Demographic & Health Survey Report). This is happening due to unskilled delivery as manifested in the location where women deliver.

Example: My last name is Ogola for a child born on a veranda; child born on the road/path “yoo” is called Ayoo for baby girl and Oyoo for baby boy; child born when mother on mud “chuodho” is called Ochuodho (boy) and Achuodho(girl); child born when mother is cleaning cowpen “duol” is Oduol (boy) and Aduol (girl); child born when the mother was at the point of fetching the water “kulo” is Okulo and Akulo respectively. And the list continues!

The goal of Project Sanaa is to use creative art to bring this phenomenon out. And to champion Dan’s advocacy work on promoting delivery at medical facility to reduce infant and maternal mortality.

Dan’s organization has built Matibabu Women and Children Hospital and currently is establishing Mary Ann van Dam School of Nursing to bridge the acute gap of lack of nurses/ skilled birth attendants in the remote rural regions of Kenya. This creative art work will raise funds to train nurses at his school of nursing; enroll pregnant mothers with the government medical scheme known as National Health Insurance Funds (NHIF) that caters for birthing services at the NHIF accredited facilities. The hospital is NHIF accredited.

Dan Ogola’s CNN Coverage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXg5SBeIjx4&feature=youtu.be